new ideas, New energy & New Solutions

Stephen is running to bring new ideas, new energy and new solutions to the Kent County Commission. Solutions that restore hope and bring a fairer deal for families in northeast Grand Rapids and Plainfield Township.


A Fairer Budget that works for you

Your hard-earned tax dollars should be invested in neighborhoods within Grand Rapids and Plainfield, not used to subsidize outlying townships or sitting idly. Let’s do more than balance the budget. Let’s get a fair budget that helps provide the essential services and improvements every part of Kent County needs.


Clean water

It’s ridiculous that in the state connected to nearly 20% of the world’s fresh water, people in our own neighborhoods can’t be guaranteed their water is safe. From the municipalities that supply it to corporations who might pollute it, as your County Commissioner I’ll push for transparency and responsibility when it comes to our water.


A Champion for Education

Everyone deserves an opportunity for a secure job and a fair wage. With Michigan ranking 36 out of 50 states for education quality, we need to do more to ensure all Kent County citizens have the right educational foundation to succeed. By strengthening early childhood and skilled trades education, we can move toward our true economic potential.


Accessible and affordable healthcare

Healthcare costs in Kent County have continued to climb higher and higher, especially for seniors, veterans and families. It’s time we did something about it at the local level. As your new Kent County Commissioner, I’ll champion local investment to fill the gaps in coverage that exist today, and work to make prescription drugs more affordable.